About Tang Soo Do Masters

This web site is dedicated to those true Tang Soo Do Masters & Grandmasters who have stayed the course; warriors who have fought the good fight and never wavered from the Tang Soo path. It is for those who stand strong against the easy path, and devote themselves to the preservation of Tang Soo Do. For those who everyday promote Tang Soo Do and not themselves. For those who strive daily to make Tang Soo Do and its students better. These individuals develop excellence in Tang Soo Do and their students in living by example and their teaching. This is dedicated to those who pass the torch to the next generation of Tang Soo Do practitioners.

If you feel this is a description of your Tang Soo Do spirit please feel free to submit your pic and bio for consideration. There is no cost involved, but we are very selective with who we enter in this Who's Who directory.

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